We at AskforTask know that motivation for cleaning is hard. We are here to turn that ritual cleaning session into an enjoyable experience. Before you get your handy rubber gloves on or roll up your regular cleaning plants, make sure to do these three things, and house cleaning won’t seem like such a chore.

Get Your Morning Cuppa And Make A List

Not everyone has the natural energy to just jump out of bed and get to cleaning, because honestly, who wants to clean on their time off. Just like waking up in the morning, it takes work. We recommend starting the day with a coffee, tea or smoothie break that can energize you and set the right mood and tone for the hard (but gratifying) work you’re about to do! While taking little sips of your beverage of choice, make a checklist of tasks you want to accomplish for the day. Going through a tangible set of to-dos where you can check things off makes cleaning that much more rewarding!

Set A Timeline and A Reward

Maybe you want to light a scented candle while you’re goal setting. Maybe you want to save that scented candle for when you’re done and relaxing in the tub. Either way, set yourself a timeline of when to finish cleaning for the day, and give yourself an incentive to get there. Reward yourself with a nicer dinner, watch that movie you’ve been meaning to watch, crack open a new book. Whatever it is, treating yourself after a job well done will motivate you to do the job, and to do it well.

Turn On This Cleaning Playlist

Yes, at AskforTask we go the extra mile for you. With that list ready, your timeline and incentive set, it’s time to choose your epic soundtrack. If you’re a connoisseur and already have your own tunes, go for it. For everyone else, we’ve compiled a two-hour playlist of groovy tunes you can shake your hips to while vacuuming or karaoke to while folding that endless pile of laundry. May the beats give you motivation when you feel like the cleaning is neverending, and celebrate with you when you’ve washed that last pillowcase. You’re welcome.

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