IKEA is everyone’s budget haven for functional and minimalist furniture! The only issue is, that literally everybody shops at IKEA and we all run the risk of our homes looking a little too much like IKEA showrooms. How many people do you know with that KALLAX bookcase? Or what about those quintessential LACK tables that every student has hauled with them through endless residence moves. IKEA is great, but it’s hard to stay affordable and stay unique at the same time. We’ve rounded up 4 ways to customize your IKEA furniture and shared some of our favourite makers who can help you!

Slip Something Over

Courtesy of Bemz

Bemz is a company that sells design slipcovers for all different kinds of IKEA furniture. Give your couch a new skin and freshen up the living room, or buy two footstool covers and treat yourself to seasonal design options. If you’re looking for a removable, machine-washable custom job, this is a great place to go!

Flip It

Courtesy of Mommy Vignettes

These cubby IKEA bookcases are ubiquitous. Why not turn them into multifunctional pieces of furniture? Turn it on it’s side, plump it up with cushions to turn it into a cozy window bench and storage space! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial from Mommy Vignettes on how to take some basic pieces and go a long, long way!

Get A Grip

Courtesy of Superfront

There are certain features of IKEA furniture that are instantly recognizable! Tweaking little details like drawer knobs can camouflage a standard piece, and elevate the simple design to something sleek and personalized. It’ll make each piece of furniture unique, and you’ll be laughing into your affordable budget spreadsheets! Check out custom stores like Superfront for a selection of handles and legs to switch up your couches, dressers and cupboards.

 Paint and Paper

Courtesy of Behangfabriek

Most IKEA furniture is made of wood which makes painting it an easy alternative. Changing the colour of your furniture can be a big undertaking, but is a great way to put your own spin on things! If you’re really looking to take a risk, try Behangfabriek, a company offering a wide selection of wallpapers and furniture decals to take your staple pieces to new lux heights!

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