.We all know that the key to a successful career is only half reliable and consistent work skills, the other half is life skills including relationship building, social connections and most importantly, your food game. Isn’t there a saying, “A team that eats together works together.” No? Well there should be one. With these 4 dining apps, you can cement your foodie status in the team. Facilitate bonding and camaderie with your coworkers and propel your life skills to boss level!


Untappd is a free app that allows users to check in to their favourite beer locations, collect badges for new beers tried, and ratings for the best venues and breweries everywhere! If you’re a craft beer lover and want to share some of that brewed goodness with your coworkers, Untappd is your best wing-app. Additionally, if you’re personally interested in becoming a beer connoisseur, Untappd’s blog features all things brew-related! Now you know where to head for your commute read.



OpenTable is a US-based app that’s been slowly taking over the food scene, offering online booking access to thousands of restaurants across the world. Available as a website and an app, booking impromptu dinners has never been easier. Check all details including pricing, menus, dress code, and available time slots. If you’re deciding between restaurants, ratings and reviews are all easily accessible for your consideration. Be that wonderful person on the team who makes team gatherings a breeze.



If you work in an office where catering is the norm and not the exception, Foodee is your best friend. The app features an intuitive interface, online or phone order options, and a generous selection of restaurants and dessert services. In short, Foodee will ensure that you’ll never feel like Pizza Pizza is your only option ever again. Simply click in to look for your order, specify any dietary restrictions, and wait for the food to come to your doorstep! The only drawback for this app is that it’s currently only available in select cities across the States and Canada. Here’s to hoping they expand soon!



Finally, if you truly want to up your food game, ChefsFeed is the place to be. From personal dining recommendations by other chefs, to personal essays, food histories and chef interviews, Chef’s Feed offers you all the insider information through well-curated content. Of course, if you’re looking to eat, catch the restaurant and dish recommendations from chefs. Also watch out for ChefsFeed Indie Week, a traveling gastronomic dining experience featuring the best chefs in the industry.


With these four dining apps at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about that next team lunch or dinner. In fact, you’ll be setting the bar for food experiences. After all, happy stomachs make happy people and happy people together in the workplace make a better workday for everybody involved.


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