The summer is about to end but the Labour Day long weekend is about to begin so if there was any question about whether or not to go out and make the most of it, the answer should now be a firm yes! Wondering about what to catch amidst the lively bustle of activities happening throughout the city? We’ve rounded up 4 family-friendly activities that are perfect for individuals, friend groups, and children of all ages!

Canadian National Exhibition

Image Courtesy of Eric Parker

A regular summer staple at Exhibition Place, The CNE is your one-stop shop for all the summer entertainment you need, featuring ridiculous amounts of food, people, performances and all kinds of pop-up rides and stalls! The fair will close on September 3rd so the long weekend will be a perfect chance to catch all the exciting sights, sounds and smells before the city settles down for its slightly mellower fall rhythm.

Rib, Bacon and BBQ Fest

Are you from a family of eaters? Is food the glue that holds you together? Well head over to Downsview Park for the annual Rib, Bacon and BBQ fest for all things grilled and sauced to perfection. Besides the spectacular selection of food, there will be bouncy castles, rock walls, face painting activities, live music and alcohol for the parents needing a reward. It all sounds like a perfect end to the summer season.

Summer Sundown & Fireworks

Want to leave the city for a bit? Take the scenic route to Blue Mountain Village for a weekend of performances, activities, guided hikes, and fireworks! Not interested in catching all of the village programming? The mountain awaits! Go for a bike ride, do the mini golf course, hike some easy trails, and paddle in the lake! Sounds tiring? Take a spa day! There’s something for everyone at Blue Mountain.

Treetop Trekking 

Image Courtesy of Treetop Trekking Barrie

Located at Barrie Park in Horseshoe Resort, the zipline park is the perfect place for the more active family looking for a fun day of sporty activities out in nature. Go for aerial treks, sign up for kids discovery tours, learn about the wildlife in the area or push the family to go for adrenaline-filled jumps and zipline activities. 

Take advantage of the long weekend to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Now that you about these family-friendly activities, there’s no excuse for not doing something this weekend!


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