It’s hard enough to juggle work, chores, and kid duties if you’re a growing family living in the city! It’s no wonder that so many of us often resort to the convenience of takeout to get by when it comes to mealtimes. It shouldn’t have to be this way though, and with new technologies evolving to meet the food demands of modern families, it’s easier now than ever to cook easy but eat well! If you find yourself struggling to put good food on the table for your family, we recommend 5 healthy food services that might just be able to change your ways, for the better.


Foodshare is a Toronto-based food non-profit organization committed to delivering healthy food and providing food education to communities and schools across the GTA! They offer a Good Food Box program that delivers fresh, locally-grown, seasonal produce to your neighbourhood. You can pick from a range of box sizes and prices, starting at $13 and going up to $34 (family-sized). Not only will you get fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis, but you’ll also be directly supporting your local farms and reducing your carbon footprint by eating more sustainably!


Chef’s Plate

Chef’s Plate is also a produce delivery service, but with a twist: you get sent all the crucial ingredients for a recipe of your choice!  You can pick from categories such as “Classic”, “Family”, “15 Minutes” or “Vegetarian”. A range of 2-4 meals arrive in a weekly box complete with recipe cards, and fresh ingredients delivered straight from Canadian farms. Chef’s Plate operates on a flexible plan and can be continued or cancelled at any time!



For those who love to cook but hate the legwork of recipe hunting before special meal times, Paprika is a wonderful app that helps you pull recipes from the Internet and collects everything in one place. You’ll never have to worry about opening 500 tabs in your browser window. Additionally, the app functions as a little recipe notebook, giving you the option to leave notes on tweaks you might have made, or comments on how much you liked that recipe. Most importantly, Paprika boasts a “Groceries” function, which lists all the ingredients you’ll need for the recipes you’re preparing for! No more dashing out to the grocery store for that one crucial ingredient you missed anymore!


Fooducate is a must-have app for the careful parents who are invested in their family’s healthy eating. Scan the barcodes of your grocery store products to learn about their nutritional value and watch for ingredients you might want to avoid or eat less of. You can customize your profile on this app for age, health goals and allergies, this will allow the app to recommend food items you should be eating or avoiding. Additionally, Fooducate offers recipes that will improve your culinary skills for healthy cooking!


Today’s Menu

Don’t even want to prep the meal for the day? Today’s Menu is your best answer. Offering pre-cooked meals by staff chefs, you can choose to order for the next day, or do a same-day pick-up in one of their designated stores. Today’s Menu offers options for families of different sizes, food specially designed for seniors, full course meals and special event menus. They have a wide range of recipes to accommodate all kinds of eaters, their menus are made fresh and flash frozen for delivery. All you have to do is thaw, heat, and serve fresh!

These 5 healthy food services offer a variety of options for families and households of all shapes, sizes, and schedules. Now you can balance a work life and still pput delicious and healthy food on the table for the people you love!



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