Weddings are a big deal! Not only are they personally important, full of traditions, expectations, and dreams, they’re also huge projects to manage. This can get tricky especially if you’re a dual career couple trying to juggle a work-life balance! If you’re newly engaged, on the cusp of a new season, and contemplating breaking ground on your own wedding, you’re in luck. This wedding season, we’ve put together a list of 5 wedding websites that can ease your project-planning pains!

The Knot

The Knot is a top wedding website choice for most couples, as it functionally breaks down every step of the wedding planning process for you. Download the Wedding Planner app or browse through their checklists, timelines, budgets, browse inspiration, potential locations and vendors! Scroll through blog posts with tips and tricks from couples who’ve done it before, or join the discussion board for ongoing conversations and resource shares. The Knot is a one-stop shop if you want to consolidate all your planning in one place!

Appy Couple

The punny Appy Couple is a powerful wedding website service that offers intuitive designs where you can aesthetically hype up your wedding story and details, manage RSVPs, messaging, and have access to spreadsheets email lists. It’s a fantastic one step up from other basic wedding websites. With all its complex functions, Appy Couple is easy to pick up and perfect for those who want a powerful, sleek and multi-functional website.


All Seated

Table planning is a real pain. All the family and social drama that usually flies under the radar emerges during this trying time and your responsibility as wedding host is to ensure that everyone at the wedding will have a great time. All Seated is a powerful piece of tech that allows virtual reality tours, 3D comprehensive floor plans, and personalized options, making it easy to envision every detail of your setup on the day of. Manage table piece size and placement, dish ware options, and have every guest accounted for and well-placed. It’s a micro-manager’s dream!


One of the first decisions you make when planning a wedding is to consider the guiding color palette. These innocuous swatches will eventually dictate the majority of your decision-making, from location type and dress code for the bridal party, to big decor pieces, the little finishing details on cake, and the napkins on your table settings. Colormind is a simple color palette generator that can pull palettes from digital images, or suggest customized options based on your selection of a main colour. 


Afraid of those rogue wedding gifts you can’t get rid of afterward? Having a carefully thought-out registry or designated cash funds so guests can gift you money for specific causes is a great way to avoid cluttering up your love nest. Zola offers all these options, featuring a huge selection of brands you can pull from to put your registry together. It also provides tracking tools to keep an eye out for the gifts coming in. With Zola you could also consolidate and just host your wedding website and RSVP together with everything else! 


You’re supposed to enjoy your big day! Don’t let the stress of managing the details and balancing your work responsibilities get you down. Enlist the help of these wedding websites, rally a supportive group of friends and family, and maintain a practical sensibility, and you’ll be well on your way to a wonderful wedding day!


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