It is a chore in itself to make room in the closet for all the latest purchases. No matter how big your space is, it’s somehow never enough to store all the essentials in an organized, easy-to-reach, clutter-free way! If you’re looking to give your closet some semblance of a chaos-free look, here are some of our favourite space-saving hacks for your closet that might just be able to do the trick, AND on a budget too!

Soda Can Tabs

This is our all-time favorite hack! Not only does it gives you a reason to chug down a soda can just in the name of reusing the tab, it’s such a simple and intuitive method! A chain of these tabs will allow you to hang multiple hangers in a single spot. It works especially well with T-shirts and tops that aren’t too long and can afford to cascade.

Wine Boxes

See the trend here? Here’s a completely valid reason to buy wine in bulk: use the boxes afterward to store shoes! You can store these boxes under your bed in a linear fashion so that all you have to do is lift up your bedspread to access your shoe collection, or keep them in the shoe closet in the hallway to maximize space. You can also cover the boxes in pretty wrapping paper or other coverings and integrate them seamlessly into your room decor.

Hanging Rods

Optimized-hanging shoes

There’s always some leftover space at the boom of your hanging closet. Utilize that space to store seasonal shoes like flats and flip flops. Mount a rod, and get some wire hangers and voila! Now you have shoe hangers for days.

 Shower Curtain Rings

Who knew that shower curtain rings would be able to hang other kinds of fabric as well? Simply slip the rings onto a sturdy hanger to build your very own scarf holder. Now those pesky scarves won’t be lying all over the place.


tshirts in drawers

If you have deep drawers, then fold your T-shirts and place them longitudinally, or in neatly rolled bundles in your drawer. This provides clear access and also offers visibility to all your tees. You can also color code them if a gradient drawer makes you particularly happy!

Picture FramesOptimized-shoe-storage-ideas-use-a-photo-frame-to-hold-and-store-kids-shoes-Justine-Taylor

Shoes, shoes, shoes. The greatest clutter of them all. If you don’t want vertical storage, here’s a way to build a simple slide0out. Simply arrange all the shoes into an old picture frame and store it under the bed or the couch.

Bathroom Furniture


It’s a never-ending debate on how to store your jewelry. If you’re looking for a way to have them all on display, and easily accessible, use any unused towel hangers and S-hooks to hang all your jewelry by mounting them to the back of your closet door.


Don’t hang your handbags, as they’ll warp the handles! Instead, store your handbags in drawstring dust bags and hang these dust bags on S-hooks or other storage configurations (soda tab cascade?). Additionally, make sure to stuff your handbags with plastic or bubble wrap so they hold their shape.


Love these hacks for your closet? So do we! What other closet hacks do you use?


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