On July 16th, our AskforTask Co-Founder and CEO, Muneeb Mushtaq presented on “Empowering Others” at the TechTO Conference.

Speaking on his experience as an entrepreneur over the last 10 years, Mushtaq stated that his mission is to create value and empower others. AskforTask is one example of this vision in effect, as the company’s purpose is to empower people to be flexible, make their own schedules, and become micro-entrepreneurs themselves.

For Mushtaq personally, his 2018 challenge has been to inspire as many people as possible to start something or get in on something starting up. This means to create value for yourself and to figure out a mission to work to. For Mushtaq, that larger mission has always been about empowering others.

Mushtaq stressed that to empower others, you have to first empower yourself. Addressing entrepreneurial hopefuls in the audience directly, he suggested four practical ways to jumpstart an entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Launch a business, even if it is a side hustle. Start something.
  2.  Find a mission-based idea that you’re willing to dedicate a decade of work to.
  3. Give, give, give and then potentially get something in return.
  4. Hardship defines you, which means persistence is key.

When considering how to empower others, Mushtaq highlighted three key things that he actively practiced:

  1. Build a family and not a team by supporting the people around you.
  2. Empower others to give you constructive feedback.
  3. Put time aside to contribute and give back to the community.

With some time left for Q&A, audience members were able to ask questions.

“How do you know when to take your side hustle to a full-time job?”

Mushtaq replied that when you’ve spent all that time and effort building value into your side hustle, you would know when it was time to take it and run with it. He also shared an anecdote about how one of the first investors in his side hustle was his full-time job supervisor at the time, who told him that he didn’t belong at his 9-5 and should take the leap into building up his passion project.

Building a business is a dynamic process that is deeply personal. The more invested and connected you are to your work, the easier it is to feel the pulse of its growth and make decisions accordingly.

“How did you get your first 20 taskers?”

Mushtaq’s reply was that you have to try fast, fail fast, and repeat it. You keep changing yourself. You keep evolving. You will notice that certain things are sticking. When those things stick and yield positive results, build on those things. 

The fact is, you learn as you go. In this process, as Mushtaq mentioned earlier, persistence is really the key. Learning when not to give up, when to push through the challenges, and when to pivot when necessary are key pieces of wisdom to pick up as you become more experienced in building your business.

Although these sound simple in practice, we all know that in the midst of the work grind, staying on course is the challenge! But every complex task is really just a series of decisions made consistently and purposefully. If you stay mindful of these few principles, consider what empowering others and yourself looks like in your business model, they will definitely help you with your own entrepreneurial endeavours.

Watch Muneeb’s full talk here!

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