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So you’ve decided to ditch this cold city for warmer climates? Planning a trip is much more than deciding on a location and throwing your clothes in a bag, so let us help you. For the tech-savvy amongst you, harness the energy of the app world to cover all your flights and accommodations. For the rest, some basic travel tips might help ease the planning.

After you’ve taken care of the staples such as travel and lodging, a well-planned trip itinerary is next on your list. Creating one will save you time and energy, freeing you up to enjoy and be present in the new experiences you’re having. Make your trip planning easy with these 6 travel tips.

Book A Guide Or Local Tour

Going to a new place can be culturally enriching and intriguing. If you are someone who likes to sightsee and experience the novelty of your destination (as compared to lazing around beside the pool/beach all day), hire a tourist guide or book yourself a city tour in advance. A quick online search will yield many options, so be mindful of the type of sights you’re looking for, and the type of theme: food? history? shopping? Arrange the tour within the first few days so that you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings, meet some potential travel friends, and then visit the places; you like the most, again!

Pack Smart

Pack light and pack smart. This means anticipating the kinds of events and activities you’ll be doing, and knowing how well your body adjusts in a new space. Make sure you have backup medicines for your regular run of ailments, and pack a few extra staples like underwear, socks, and slippers. You never know when that extra care will come in handy!

Go For The Hobbies

Finding time to relish your hobbies in the hectic everyday can be difficult. So make the most of your hobbies during the trip. Choose a destination that offers you the experiences you want on a regular basis and actively seek out where they are and how to do them. Schedule them in! Always wanted to get your diving license? Do it. Wanted to do a full wine and cheese tour? Do that. Don’t let the abundance of travel recommendations take away from the things you really want to do.

Read Up On Public Transport

Familiarize yourself with the bus routes, train routes or other modes of transports in advance. Getting lost in a new city might sound exciting on paper but if you are accompanied by children, with lots of luggage and a bad time of day, many things can go wrong. Knowing what transport options are available also allows you to have a clearer understanding of how much money you’re going to have to spend to get around.

Stay Alive Digitally

If you are travelling internationally, know your adaptors and socket types before you get to the airport! If you want to be extra careful, check the voltage of your electronics against the regular voltages of the country you are visiting to make sure you don’t have a full blow-out on your hands in a foreign country.

Have Currency Guarantees

You can convert your money while at home or exchange it as soon as you arrive. Most airports have ATMs and money exchangers for you to withdraw the amount and get it converted, but those deals are probably not happening in your favour. To be on the safe side, always carry a small sum of the local currency before starting your trip. If push comes to shove, USD is always a good backup plan.

With this useful little arsenal of travel tips, you can head off to vacation assured that you’ve planned for the best and the worst! Happy traveling!

It’s hard enough to juggle work, chores, and kid duties if you’re a growing family living in the city! It’s no wonder that so many of us often resort to the convenience of takeout to get by when it comes to mealtimes. It shouldn’t have to be this way though, and with new technologies evolving to meet the food demands of modern families, it’s easier now than ever to cook easy but eat well! If you find yourself struggling to put good food on the table for your family, we recommend 5 healthy food services that might just be able to change your ways, for the better.


Foodshare is a Toronto-based food non-profit organization committed to delivering healthy food and providing food education to communities and schools across the GTA! They offer a Good Food Box program that delivers fresh, locally-grown, seasonal produce to your neighbourhood. You can pick from a range of box sizes and prices, starting at $13 and going up to $34 (family-sized). Not only will you get fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis, but you’ll also be directly supporting your local farms and reducing your carbon footprint by eating more sustainably!


Chef’s Plate

Chef’s Plate is also a produce delivery service, but with a twist: you get sent all the crucial ingredients for a recipe of your choice!  You can pick from categories such as “Classic”, “Family”, “15 Minutes” or “Vegetarian”. A range of 2-4 meals arrive in a weekly box complete with recipe cards, and fresh ingredients delivered straight from Canadian farms. Chef’s Plate operates on a flexible plan and can be continued or cancelled at any time!



For those who love to cook but hate the legwork of recipe hunting before special meal times, Paprika is a wonderful app that helps you pull recipes from the Internet and collects everything in one place. You’ll never have to worry about opening 500 tabs in your browser window. Additionally, the app functions as a little recipe notebook, giving you the option to leave notes on tweaks you might have made, or comments on how much you liked that recipe. Most importantly, Paprika boasts a “Groceries” function, which lists all the ingredients you’ll need for the recipes you’re preparing for! No more dashing out to the grocery store for that one crucial ingredient you missed anymore!


Fooducate is a must-have app for the careful parents who are invested in their family’s healthy eating. Scan the barcodes of your grocery store products to learn about their nutritional value and watch for ingredients you might want to avoid or eat less of. You can customize your profile on this app for age, health goals and allergies, this will allow the app to recommend food items you should be eating or avoiding. Additionally, Fooducate offers recipes that will improve your culinary skills for healthy cooking!


Today’s Menu

Don’t even want to prep the meal for the day? Today’s Menu is your best answer. Offering pre-cooked meals by staff chefs, you can choose to order for the next day, or do a same-day pick-up in one of their designated stores. Today’s Menu offers options for families of different sizes, food specially designed for seniors, full course meals and special event menus. They have a wide range of recipes to accommodate all kinds of eaters, their menus are made fresh and flash frozen for delivery. All you have to do is thaw, heat, and serve fresh!

These 5 healthy food services offer a variety of options for families and households of all shapes, sizes, and schedules. Now you can balance a work life and still pput delicious and healthy food on the table for the people you love!


If you currently have a growing babe in your charge, you’ll know that mealtime is a war against all kinds of mess. It’s a losing game against food bits flung onto tables and chairs, food slop being spit out onto clothing or the floor, or overturned dishes and cutlery strewn everywhere. However, with the right tools, you could be way more prepared for this. We’re recommending 5 products you should consider owning for your baby at meal time! Think ahead and the mess will be less!

EZPZ Happy Mat

The ezpz Happy Mat is an all-in-one silicone placemat and plate that comes with suction functions, which means you can adhere it to the table. Not only does it promote motor functions in your little eater, it is also wipe-down frienldy and dishwasher and microwave safe, making it easy to prep with and clean up with after. Never worry about bowls and plates flying off the table with this option!


Nuby Floor Mat

Preempt the floor mess with the Nuby Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, a waterproof floor protector you can place under the high chair, or just in the general vicinity of the dining table where your enthusiastic eater might be seated. Sporting a 50 inch diameter, it should catch the majority of food crumbs or spills. Just pick it up, shake it off outside, and wash in the dishwasher or sink and voila, clean floors again!


Boon Squirt Silcone Spoon

This Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is a must-have product for all the mommies who are on that to-go life! Complete with a cap for storage when not in use, this spoon can hold up to 3 ounces of baby food at once, dispensing it in bite-sized amounts for your baby at meal time anywhere. It’s a great option to have for the car, the restaurant or the mall!  It’s dishwasher safe and can be boiled for an extra deep clean.


Baby Bibs

Bibs are the staple of every toddler’s wardrobe. But which bibs? We recommend a double combination of the Sleeved Bib plus Soft Bib for maximum coverage. Slip your babe’s arms into the sleeves, and clip the soft bib over to catch crumbs and other food messes that might dribble down the chin.Both bibs are easy to wipe down, and are machine and dishwasher safe. You might save on a second set of clothing and extra rounds of laundering afterward!

Munchkin Miracle Sippy Cup

If you’re looking to take your kid off the bottle and wondering what to go with next, we have the answer. Goodbye conventional sippy cups. The Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup features a no-spout, dentist-approved design that automatically seals when your child is not taking a drink. They are spill-resistant and can take some sporadic child violence well, and are easy to take apart and clean. What more could one ask for? Maybe handles? They’ve got that covered too.


A few smart products can go really far in the daily grind of parenting. We all know that baby at meal time can be a true (adorable) monster. It helps to have options at hand to help when the messes just keep reappearing, and the baby has decided that today’s meal is just not to their taste. We know it’s exhausting but deeply necessary and wonderful work.

As a thank you, use BLOG10 to get $10 off your first task with AskforTask! You’ve just won a food war, leave the house cleaning to someone else.

As the temperatures dip, it’s looking more and more like curl-up-on-the-couch-with-hot-chocolate weather. Chores will be chores though. You’ll still have to haul yourself out of your comfortable potato position to tackle basic cleaning. We have a tip for getting around that: Read some books about cleaning … say maybe five. They’re sort of the same thing right?

Simply Clean: The Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean, and Beautiful in Just 10 Minutes a Day

“If I’ve learned anything, it’s that a schedule will never be perfect forever…”

Written by Becky Rapinchuk, the blogger behind the Clean Mama brand, Simply Clean breaks your cleaning down into micro-bites of maintenance that accommodate for a variety of schedules and personality types. The key here is to learn new ways of thinking about task management and time constraints that will effectively contain cleaning tasks instead of allowing the burden of the clean to overrun your whole life! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this might be a great resource.

The Housekeeping Handyguide

“The only thing that is worse than living in a house full of clutter is most probably the task of cleaning it.”

This e-book is a speed read for anybody looking to get a quick masterclass on how to tackle the deep clean. Daria Foster walks you through the process step-by-step in easy-to-read, intuitive language. Cleaning is definitely an art, and some people are just better than it than others. If you’re someone who finds cleaning an inscrutable process, and need a little clarity, Daria Foster is here for you.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

No list would be complete without Marie Kondō’s trendsetting, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Effective and thought-provoking for some, useless and redundant for others, this book has been sparking endless conversations about our relationship with things, which is kind of the point anyway. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking read as a precursor to the thankless task of cleaning, you might want to pick this one up. 

The Complete Book of Home Organization: 200+ Tips and Projects

“Balance, not perfection, is the key to a happy home.

If you are handy and love interior design, Toni Hammersley’s The Complete Book of Home Organization might be a great year-long exploration for you. Additionally, the thoughtful and beautiful photos will motivate you to make room in your house. More than offering the basics of home organization, Hammersley transforms the process into an aesthetic and creative adventure that will satisfy the Pinterest itch in you!

The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify

“…finding ways to “enjoy without owning” is one of the keys to having a minimalist home.”

Written by Francine Jay, this book is a celebration of minimalists everywhere! If you’re finding yourself deeply unhappy amidst the clutter of your personal space, you may want to consider practicing a new outlook toward life – one that involves less things. In the flow of a busy work life, your home might need a bit of simplicity.


Well now you have it. You can put off your chores for another five books about cleaning in the name of consultations. You’ll even come out on the other end more cleaning-savvy than ever! Enjoy! Have a pumpkin spice latte after the hot chocolate is finished. If you’re reluctant to emerge from the couch, no worries. Here’s $10 off on us: enter BLOG10 off your first AskforTask order!

The summer is about to end but the Labour Day long weekend is about to begin so if there was any question about whether or not to go out and make the most of it, the answer should now be a firm yes! Wondering about what to catch amidst the lively bustle of activities happening throughout the city? We’ve rounded up 4 family-friendly activities that are perfect for individuals, friend groups, and children of all ages!

Canadian National Exhibition

Image Courtesy of Eric Parker

A regular summer staple at Exhibition Place, The CNE is your one-stop shop for all the summer entertainment you need, featuring ridiculous amounts of food, people, performances and all kinds of pop-up rides and stalls! The fair will close on September 3rd so the long weekend will be a perfect chance to catch all the exciting sights, sounds and smells before the city settles down for its slightly mellower fall rhythm.

Rib, Bacon and BBQ Fest

Are you from a family of eaters? Is food the glue that holds you together? Well head over to Downsview Park for the annual Rib, Bacon and BBQ fest for all things grilled and sauced to perfection. Besides the spectacular selection of food, there will be bouncy castles, rock walls, face painting activities, live music and alcohol for the parents needing a reward. It all sounds like a perfect end to the summer season.

Summer Sundown & Fireworks

Want to leave the city for a bit? Take the scenic route to Blue Mountain Village for a weekend of performances, activities, guided hikes, and fireworks! Not interested in catching all of the village programming? The mountain awaits! Go for a bike ride, do the mini golf course, hike some easy trails, and paddle in the lake! Sounds tiring? Take a spa day! There’s something for everyone at Blue Mountain.

Treetop Trekking 

Image Courtesy of Treetop Trekking Barrie

Located at Barrie Park in Horseshoe Resort, the zipline park is the perfect place for the more active family looking for a fun day of sporty activities out in nature. Go for aerial treks, sign up for kids discovery tours, learn about the wildlife in the area or push the family to go for adrenaline-filled jumps and zipline activities. 

Take advantage of the long weekend to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Now that you about these family-friendly activities, there’s no excuse for not doing something this weekend!

Let’s face it, you’re busy, you work full time, maybe you have kids; maybe you have a pet; maybe you have many pets. Regardless, cleaning is the last thing you want to think about on a weekday evening. That’s where AskforTask comes in! Use our app to hire a qualified, professional home cleaning company.  Here are 5 reasons why using a service like AskforTask is good for you in the short and long run!

Busy Work Schedule

Whether its a busy work schedule or a long commute, there is not always enough time in the day to get things done around the house. We know, you want to do a thorough cleaning, get into the nitty gritty corners and do a full reorganization. But who has time for that, unless you set aside a full day on the weekend? Hiring a professional cleaning service like AskforTask will solve that problem while you’re at work! You can rest easy knowing you’re coming home to a clean and tidy space.

Special Occasions

Dinner party

What do Chrissy Teigen,  Martha Stewart, and Jessica Seinfeld  have in common? They all throw glamorous dinner parties for their famous friends. Who helps them clean up though? If they don’t have to clean for a dinner they are throwing, then why should you? It may be imperative for your home be as spotless as possible for that Sunday dinner happening, but you’re too busy doing the actual cooking for your family and friends! Don’t worry. Hiring cleaners to give you that little assistance before an event might just be what you need to fully enjoy hosting the party!

More Time With Family

The greatest gift you can give your family is time. With constant daily activities, it’s hard to spend actual time with the people you love. That is where we come in. Hiring a Tasker and cleaning services like AskforTask help you out, so you can get through those bucket lists and spend some quality time with your family.

A Thorough Cleaning

Sometimes you simply want a job done by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Hiring a professional housekeeper to clean your home, or a professional furniture assemblyman means that the job is done fast and efficiently, with as little disruption to your day as possible.

Get Connected To Your Community

An app like AskforTask allows you to meet people in your extended neighborhood community in a win-win situation! Support the aspirations of those microentrepreneurs you live close to, and you get to skip the tasks you really don’t want to do. If you’re tackling a more ambitious building project, or just going through a move-out, you might even pick up some tips from our certified Taskers on how to put furniture together, declutter your space, and pack everything as efficiently as possible into a moving van!

Get your house clean and ready for spring no matter what the reason or occasion. AskforTask has certified and insured housekeepers ready to take away some of the extra work off your shoulders. Skilled and competent handymen can help you solve all your home maintenance needs. It’s a perfect solution for parents with children, professionals, singles and millennials who are pressed for time or want more time to focus on other things!

Let’s face it, your kids don’t care how their playroom looks, as long as it is fun. You, on the other hand, want creative functionality meets a Novogratz-style level of decorum. It’s the eternal parent problem! Don’t fret though, some kind of order can be attained without compromising the play function of the room. Here are a few tips you, or a handyman, can follow to create the ultimate playroom for your little ones to enjoy.

Create a Drawing Space on the Wall

A cool chalk board for your kids to use in their playroom

There is no way to prevent your children from scribbling on the wall. It’s a perfect, always-available canvas. So why not make it an actual canvas? Mark out a designated wall in the room for drawing and paint it over with chalkboard paint or cover it with dry erase sticker. A frame can then be created out of crown molding to give the space a finished look, and demarcate the boundaries! Your kids can draw on the space again and again with chalk or markers, and cleaning it will be a simple matter of wiping the area with a wet rag.

Organize with Wall Shelves!

A shelving unit for all your declutter needs in the playroom

Instead of cluttering up the space with bulky storage furniture, take your shelving space upward and conveniently out of reach too! Kids are going to be messy, but wall shelves allow you to control what toys and things can be accessed, and also to keep clutter off the floor. Additionally, opting for wall shelving can prevent scary accidents from happening since the shelves are literally fastened securely into the wall. No mess, no stress!

Have a Designated Building Table

A table where the kids can play in their playroom

Every kids loves to build and make, whether it is painting, Play-Doh, Lego, blocks, sand art or paper sculptures! Not so coincidentally, all these activities involve a ton of mess. Building a special table for them gives the perfect environment for them to build what they want, when they want, but also teaches them that specific spaces in their playroom have designated functions.

Have A Custom Cardboard Box City


Image Courtesy of Brandon Tran

Children have limitless imagination and creativity. What better way to nurture that creativity than to leave a section of the playroom for them to build with you? Castle? Rocket? City? Rock garden? The sky’s the limit when it comes to DIY-ing possible structures with cardboard. You’ll not only be teaching your kid how to take an idea and make it happen, but you’ll get to go through that process with them. It’s the best kind of play!

Your playroom does not have to be very complicated, or full with the latest toys and gadgets. It also doesn’t always have to look like a toy box exploded in there. Sometimes, simple is better. With these four simple design ideas, you can take your kid’s playroom from drab to fab in no time.


We’re in full summer season with this delightful or devilish heat wave (depending on your preference), which means it’s time to hit the road. Whether you’re planning on a vacation getaway or the next backpacking adventure, planning can be a hassle. We understand. We’ve rounded up 5 wonderful travel apps that will make your planning much easier this the travel season!


For Flight and Hotel Bookings

Hopper consolidates information from thousands of airlines to not only offer you the cheapest options for flights, but also tries to predict price patterns to suggest when you should check back in to purchase a ticket! You can even turn on the WATCH function to receive notifications if prices dip. In 2017, their database expanded to include hotels, which means both travel and accommodation can be settled in a single place, for the lowest possible price.


For A Custom Packing List

Packpoint is a sleek packing app that generates smart lists of suggested packing items based on the length of your trip, function and types of activities. Just select based on your itinerary, and edit the customized list to get packing! Share your packing list with others on your trip or people in general so they get an idea of what you’re taking with you.


For Currency and Unit Conversion

If you’re someone who is always doing mental gymnastics to calculate the best deals over different currencies, Calconvert is your app! Enjoy their power calculator (with more functions than you’ll ever need), support in 24 different languages and over 150 currencies. Don’t ever worry about getting tripped up over numbers again.


For Transportation Routes

If you’re travelling to a city, CityMapper is your one-stop transportation app! Featuring recommended routes for public transit, car-share services, and bicycle and pedestrian options, you can compare travel times across a multiplicity of options and figure out the best way to get around! More importantly, you can save pre-planned trips or download maps and use this app offline. This is a necessary feature if you find yourself wandering around without a stable connection!


For Itinerary

Yelp currently runs in 32 countries and covers not just restaurant reviews, but entertainment and local services too! Decide which places to hit up after browsing through recommended listings, customer reviews and scroll through the many photos to get a fully informed opinion. You’ll be way less likely to experience a bad meal with this app.  Besides the obvious educational value, some of those reviews might keep you quite entertained.

Additionally, if you’re hopping on a plane right after work, or don’t have time to put your place in order, make sure to hire one of our Taskers for cleaning services. Get your place all tidied up while you’re away so you can return to a neat and welcoming home. After all, with these great travel apps ready at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful vacation. Make it even more enjoyable by coming home to a perfectly made bed. Now get cracking, there’s only so many weekends left in the summer!

A new family member is on the way! Congratulations! Your comfortable, adult-friendly home is now a danger zone for the new little human. Baby-proofing for the first time can be difficult. It’s not easy for us to catch all the potential areas that might be unsafe for a baby. AskforTask has broken it down for you so you can cover all your bases!

Install Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Cabinets are important when Baby-Proofing your home

We’ve all heard stories of children getting into medicinal cabinets and cleaning cupboards or slamming doors on themselves. When you have an inquisitive toddler, the whole house is an accident waiting to happen! A simple way to avoid a multitude of problems is to have cabinet and drawer latches installed. Pick from a range of lock and latch types, including magnetic, spring release, adhesive mounts, and slide locks.

Secure All Toilet Lids

Baby-proofing a toilet is important

Drowning is a large cause of child deaths, and can happen in the blink of an eye. Sources of still water should be safely secured to prevent any potential exploration. Keep your terrible top-heavy twos out of the toilet with these simple-to-install adhesive toilet locks! If you like orderliness, and want to prevent an accidental TP-ing, here’s a tutorial to baby proof your toilet paper rolls too!

Lock the Door

Baby-Proofing a door is important

A door can seem innocent but is full of edges, corners and hinges that your child could get hurt from. Install a door top lock to prevent your baby from messing with a doorknob install, and keep doors safely shut! Alternatively, install baby gates to prevent your child from accessing areas of the house that are out of sight.

Secure Furniture to the Walls

Baby-Proofing Furniture

Toddlers can turn into little monkeys. They will crawl and climb everywhere, using anything for limb support. We’ve all heard stories of dressers toppling over onto active children, securing the furniture to the wall is a simple step to prevent what could be a huge tragedy. Here’s a comprehensive list of 6 tips to prevent furniture tip-overs!

Wedge Your Window

Baby-Proofing Windows

A window wedge is a must-have for those who love fresh air flowing through the house. The wedge fits between the window and the window frame to prevent accidental closing, and also prevent your child from attempting to shut them. Let the sun shine through those safely secured window frames!

Hire a Tasker

Tasker to Baby-Proof

Hire a tasker to handle the baby-proofing activities for you so you can spend more time with your children. Hiring a professional also means that you can be confident that your home will be safe and secure for your child, and modified in safe and professional ways.

Whether you choose to go DIY or hire a professional, rest assured that your home will be 100% baby safe and one step away from the general chaos that a young toddler can bring. You might even be able to host a play-date or two!

The majority of cleaning products out there use chemicals that are impossible to pronounce. It can be pretty scary seeing those novel-long labels for something that’s coming in direct contact with your skin. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that baking soda mixed with vinegar has grime-fighting, non-toxic powers. It’s also a fun throwback to 6th grade science class. Here are 5 ways you can harness the powers of baking soda to freshen up your home space!

1.  Bathroom Deep Clean!

Instead of squirting blue gels into your toilet bowl try using baking soda and vinegar for toilet bowls, slimy sinks, vinyl shower curtains, bathtubs, walls and drain clogs. The chemical reaction will make it fizz and then you can start scrubbing away – toxin free! Mother Nature will thank you when you flush.

2. Odor Absorber

For that fridge crammed with leftovers when you don’t have time to clean, leave an open box of baking soda in there to soak up all the bad smells of combined abandoned foods. You can also sprinkle some at the bottom of your garbage can to balance out the default odors that come from your trash. Mix the two, watch the reaction and then scrub away at your tiles! The two combined together will kill bacteria and wash away grime from your bathroom tiles. They’ll also smell pretty good too!

3. Stain Remover

Particularly crayon stains from the wall. Carpet Stains as well. Pour hot water down your drain and after a few minutes add some baking soda. Then pour down a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Cover it as it fizzes. After a few minutes, pour some more hot water down there and you’re good to go!

4. Laundry Brightener

Believe it or not, baking soda itself can also improve the way you look! Along with your laundry detergent, add a ¼ cup of baking soda. While your washer does it’s thing the baking soda will make your clothes brighter and whiter! All without the use of fabric softeners or bleach.

5. Wash Produce with it! 

Mix a pinch of baking soda with a few cups of water and leave your fruits and veggies to soak in there for 10-12 minutes. It’s been scientifically proven that baking soda soaking is most effective at removing pesticide residue on your fresh produce!

Want us to clean your house and you get all the credit? Use coupon code BLOG10 to get $10 off your first booking with AskforTask!



The best time to enjoy Canada’s scenic beauty and recreational activities, is in the summer. From the sparkling Bay of Fundy on the East coast to the lush temperate forest in the West, there are numerous ways to appreciate this beautiful country that boasts rich geodiversity, diverse urban centres and cultural festivities. Check out our roundup of 10 ways you can enjoy the Canadian summer with your loved ones!

British Columbia

1. Adrenaline junkies can try your hands on kayaking and revel in the scenic beauty of Gabriola Island in the beautiful Gulf Islands of BC.

2. Soar over the whitewater and old-growth forest in Whistler on zip-lines as long as 2200 feet. Make the most of the Canadian summer by exploring the lush temperate forests of the west from a bird’s perspective. While you’re at it, make sure to brush up on safety tips for extreme sports!


3. Take your kids on the world’s longest Skyline Luge track in the Canada Olympic Park west of Calgary. Ride solo or in tandem with young kids so that everyone can get in on the fun and enjoy the twisting turns of the Luge!

4. Participate in the Calgary Stampede, a 10 day festival featuring rodeos, showcases, music performances and a lot of food! It’s not called “the greatest outdoor show on earth” for nothing.


5. Mesmerizing and breath taking, Niagara Falls is one place to visit from up close in a Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour! There is no better-or wetter-way to enjoy this splendid natural wonder.

6. Consider yourself a daredevil? Then edge-walk on the 1,800 feet free-standing CN Tower in Toronto!


7. Embark on a paddle boat journey across a labyrinthian 6.5 km of water canals that wend through the marshland near Wakefield.

Nova Scotia

8. Swim with the sharks! You can experience close encounters with these mysterious water creatures in Lunenburg by diviing in a sturdy cage while blood and guts are spread around you to lure these sleek ocean dwellers into close proximity.

Prince Edward Island

9. Remain fit as a fiddle by going hiking or biking across the island on the Confederation Trail, originally comprised of railway tracks now out of service.

Newfoundland and Labrador

10. With ice melting in the summers, huge detached icebergs float their way from Greenland to the Iceberg Alley of Newfoundland. Journey to a clifftop and watch the epic odyssey of these massive hunks of floating ice.

Do you thrive off an adrenaline rush? Are you looking to shake off the comfort of your work routine for some death-defying excitement? Trekking out tp explore the extreme sports in Canada available might just be the stress-reliever you need.

Although the experience is thrilling, the risks that come with these activities are serious. It is always a good idea to be aware of all the safety measures that can be taken in order to make the sport as safe as possible.

We’ve compiled some safety tips for some of the most popular extreme sports in Canada, and also suggestions for where to go to enjoy them. Read on so you can have fun and make it back alive!

Skiing and Snowboarding

Safety measures

  • Prior to hitting the slopes, ensure that you are in a good shape i.e. follow a fitness program for muscle strengthening.
  • Make sure your skiing or snowboarding gear is in tip top shape and also ensure that equipment like shoes and helmets fit, and are bound properly.
  • Take proper lessons and even after that know your limits; don’t hit the advance slope if you haven’t mastered the beginners level yet.

Plan a stay at SkiStony in Manitoba to whizz down the wintry slopes with skill.


Safety measures

  • Choose a professionally trained outfitter to lead you followed by wearing a wet suit, fitted life jacket, a helmet  and proper river shoes.
  • Hold the paddles properly; one hand should be at the base of the paddle on the shaft.
  • The other hand should ALWAYS be on the end of the shaft over the “T” grip.
  • Pay attention to the guide’s instructions, to his commands during the ride, and any approaching rocks that might bump you out of the boat.

Visit Quebec City to soak in the scenic beauty and wild landscape of Jacques Cartier River.


Safety measures 

  • Make sure that the zipline course is maintained properly without any irregularity and inspected daily.
  • The harness holding you to the cable must be clipped securely by a trained professional.
  • You should be capable of at least light exercise for a safe trip.
  • Consult with a doctor if you suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure, neck or back pain, dizziness, seizures, extreme fear of heights or heart problems.

Head to British Columbia’s temperate rainforest to experience the feeling of flying without wings!


Safety measures

  • Wear an appropriate fitted jumpsuit that is in accordance to your diving style, beginners or advance, as jumpsuits keep you warm in the frigid cold weather and prevent bumps and cuts while landing; consult a professional instead of experimenting.
  • Check for holes and tears in your jumpsuit or any place from where air can enter.
  • Always wear a helmet and safety goggle that fit properly and won’t cause a hindrance to your vision.
  • Wear fitted gloves and ensure that you can handle your equipment while wearing them.
  • Wear shoes that provide a firm grip when landing. Finally check your equipment and know their correct purpose.

Take in the Toronto skyline from the top down, literally, with this most extreme sport!

With the options for extreme sports in Canada available across four different provinces, you’re bound to find something that will satisfy your adrenaline craving. Just remember to play safe and take care of yourself!