It’s hard enough to juggle work, chores, and kid duties if you’re a growing family living in the city! It’s no wonder that so many of us often resort to the convenience of takeout to get by when it comes to mealtimes. It shouldn’t have to be this way though, and with new technologies evolving to meet the food demands of modern families, it’s easier now than ever to cook easy but eat well! If you find yourself struggling to put good food on the table for your family, we recommend 5 healthy food services that might just be able to change your ways, for the better.


Foodshare is a Toronto-based food non-profit organization committed to delivering healthy food and providing food education to communities and schools across the GTA! They offer a Good Food Box program that delivers fresh, locally-grown, seasonal produce to your neighbourhood. You can pick from a range of box sizes and prices, starting at $13 and going up to $34 (family-sized). Not only will you get fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis, but you’ll also be directly supporting your local farms and reducing your carbon footprint by eating more sustainably!


Chef’s Plate

Chef’s Plate is also a produce delivery service, but with a twist: you get sent all the crucial ingredients for a recipe of your choice!  You can pick from categories such as “Classic”, “Family”, “15 Minutes” or “Vegetarian”. A range of 2-4 meals arrive in a weekly box complete with recipe cards, and fresh ingredients delivered straight from Canadian farms. Chef’s Plate operates on a flexible plan and can be continued or cancelled at any time!



For those who love to cook but hate the legwork of recipe hunting before special meal times, Paprika is a wonderful app that helps you pull recipes from the Internet and collects everything in one place. You’ll never have to worry about opening 500 tabs in your browser window. Additionally, the app functions as a little recipe notebook, giving you the option to leave notes on tweaks you might have made, or comments on how much you liked that recipe. Most importantly, Paprika boasts a “Groceries” function, which lists all the ingredients you’ll need for the recipes you’re preparing for! No more dashing out to the grocery store for that one crucial ingredient you missed anymore!


Fooducate is a must-have app for the careful parents who are invested in their family’s healthy eating. Scan the barcodes of your grocery store products to learn about their nutritional value and watch for ingredients you might want to avoid or eat less of. You can customize your profile on this app for age, health goals and allergies, this will allow the app to recommend food items you should be eating or avoiding. Additionally, Fooducate offers recipes that will improve your culinary skills for healthy cooking!


Today’s Menu

Don’t even want to prep the meal for the day? Today’s Menu is your best answer. Offering pre-cooked meals by staff chefs, you can choose to order for the next day, or do a same-day pick-up in one of their designated stores. Today’s Menu offers options for families of different sizes, food specially designed for seniors, full course meals and special event menus. They have a wide range of recipes to accommodate all kinds of eaters, their menus are made fresh and flash frozen for delivery. All you have to do is thaw, heat, and serve fresh!

These 5 healthy food services offer a variety of options for families and households of all shapes, sizes, and schedules. Now you can balance a work life and still pput delicious and healthy food on the table for the people you love!


Let’s face it, you’re busy, you work full time, maybe you have kids; maybe you have a pet; maybe you have many pets. Regardless, cleaning is the last thing you want to think about on a weekday evening. That’s where AskforTask comes in! Use our app to hire a qualified, professional home cleaning company.  Here are 5 reasons why using a service like AskforTask is good for you in the short and long run!

Busy Work Schedule

Whether its a busy work schedule or a long commute, there is not always enough time in the day to get things done around the house. We know, you want to do a thorough cleaning, get into the nitty gritty corners and do a full reorganization. But who has time for that, unless you set aside a full day on the weekend? Hiring a professional cleaning service like AskforTask will solve that problem while you’re at work! You can rest easy knowing you’re coming home to a clean and tidy space.

Special Occasions

Dinner party

What do Chrissy Teigen,  Martha Stewart, and Jessica Seinfeld  have in common? They all throw glamorous dinner parties for their famous friends. Who helps them clean up though? If they don’t have to clean for a dinner they are throwing, then why should you? It may be imperative for your home be as spotless as possible for that Sunday dinner happening, but you’re too busy doing the actual cooking for your family and friends! Don’t worry. Hiring cleaners to give you that little assistance before an event might just be what you need to fully enjoy hosting the party!

More Time With Family

The greatest gift you can give your family is time. With constant daily activities, it’s hard to spend actual time with the people you love. That is where we come in. Hiring a Tasker and cleaning services like AskforTask help you out, so you can get through those bucket lists and spend some quality time with your family.

A Thorough Cleaning

Sometimes you simply want a job done by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Hiring a professional housekeeper to clean your home, or a professional furniture assemblyman means that the job is done fast and efficiently, with as little disruption to your day as possible.

Get Connected To Your Community

An app like AskforTask allows you to meet people in your extended neighborhood community in a win-win situation! Support the aspirations of those microentrepreneurs you live close to, and you get to skip the tasks you really don’t want to do. If you’re tackling a more ambitious building project, or just going through a move-out, you might even pick up some tips from our certified Taskers on how to put furniture together, declutter your space, and pack everything as efficiently as possible into a moving van!

Get your house clean and ready for spring no matter what the reason or occasion. AskforTask has certified and insured housekeepers ready to take away some of the extra work off your shoulders. Skilled and competent handymen can help you solve all your home maintenance needs. It’s a perfect solution for parents with children, professionals, singles and millennials who are pressed for time or want more time to focus on other things!

Let’s face it, your kids don’t care how their playroom looks, as long as it is fun. You, on the other hand, want creative functionality meets a Novogratz-style level of decorum. It’s the eternal parent problem! Don’t fret though, some kind of order can be attained without compromising the play function of the room. Here are a few tips you, or a handyman, can follow to create the ultimate playroom for your little ones to enjoy.

Create a Drawing Space on the Wall

A cool chalk board for your kids to use in their playroom

There is no way to prevent your children from scribbling on the wall. It’s a perfect, always-available canvas. So why not make it an actual canvas? Mark out a designated wall in the room for drawing and paint it over with chalkboard paint or cover it with dry erase sticker. A frame can then be created out of crown molding to give the space a finished look, and demarcate the boundaries! Your kids can draw on the space again and again with chalk or markers, and cleaning it will be a simple matter of wiping the area with a wet rag.

Organize with Wall Shelves!

A shelving unit for all your declutter needs in the playroom

Instead of cluttering up the space with bulky storage furniture, take your shelving space upward and conveniently out of reach too! Kids are going to be messy, but wall shelves allow you to control what toys and things can be accessed, and also to keep clutter off the floor. Additionally, opting for wall shelving can prevent scary accidents from happening since the shelves are literally fastened securely into the wall. No mess, no stress!

Have a Designated Building Table

A table where the kids can play in their playroom

Every kids loves to build and make, whether it is painting, Play-Doh, Lego, blocks, sand art or paper sculptures! Not so coincidentally, all these activities involve a ton of mess. Building a special table for them gives the perfect environment for them to build what they want, when they want, but also teaches them that specific spaces in their playroom have designated functions.

Have A Custom Cardboard Box City


Image Courtesy of Brandon Tran

Children have limitless imagination and creativity. What better way to nurture that creativity than to leave a section of the playroom for them to build with you? Castle? Rocket? City? Rock garden? The sky’s the limit when it comes to DIY-ing possible structures with cardboard. You’ll not only be teaching your kid how to take an idea and make it happen, but you’ll get to go through that process with them. It’s the best kind of play!

Your playroom does not have to be very complicated, or full with the latest toys and gadgets. It also doesn’t always have to look like a toy box exploded in there. Sometimes, simple is better. With these four simple design ideas, you can take your kid’s playroom from drab to fab in no time.


A new family member is on the way! Congratulations! Your comfortable, adult-friendly home is now a danger zone for the new little human. Baby-proofing for the first time can be difficult. It’s not easy for us to catch all the potential areas that might be unsafe for a baby. AskforTask has broken it down for you so you can cover all your bases!

Install Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Cabinets are important when Baby-Proofing your home

We’ve all heard stories of children getting into medicinal cabinets and cleaning cupboards or slamming doors on themselves. When you have an inquisitive toddler, the whole house is an accident waiting to happen! A simple way to avoid a multitude of problems is to have cabinet and drawer latches installed. Pick from a range of lock and latch types, including magnetic, spring release, adhesive mounts, and slide locks.

Secure All Toilet Lids

Baby-proofing a toilet is important

Drowning is a large cause of child deaths, and can happen in the blink of an eye. Sources of still water should be safely secured to prevent any potential exploration. Keep your terrible top-heavy twos out of the toilet with these simple-to-install adhesive toilet locks! If you like orderliness, and want to prevent an accidental TP-ing, here’s a tutorial to baby proof your toilet paper rolls too!

Lock the Door

Baby-Proofing a door is important

A door can seem innocent but is full of edges, corners and hinges that your child could get hurt from. Install a door top lock to prevent your baby from messing with a doorknob install, and keep doors safely shut! Alternatively, install baby gates to prevent your child from accessing areas of the house that are out of sight.

Secure Furniture to the Walls

Baby-Proofing Furniture

Toddlers can turn into little monkeys. They will crawl and climb everywhere, using anything for limb support. We’ve all heard stories of dressers toppling over onto active children, securing the furniture to the wall is a simple step to prevent what could be a huge tragedy. Here’s a comprehensive list of 6 tips to prevent furniture tip-overs!

Wedge Your Window

Baby-Proofing Windows

A window wedge is a must-have for those who love fresh air flowing through the house. The wedge fits between the window and the window frame to prevent accidental closing, and also prevent your child from attempting to shut them. Let the sun shine through those safely secured window frames!

Hire a Tasker

Tasker to Baby-Proof

Hire a tasker to handle the baby-proofing activities for you so you can spend more time with your children. Hiring a professional also means that you can be confident that your home will be safe and secure for your child, and modified in safe and professional ways.

Whether you choose to go DIY or hire a professional, rest assured that your home will be 100% baby safe and one step away from the general chaos that a young toddler can bring. You might even be able to host a play-date or two!

The majority of cleaning products out there use chemicals that are impossible to pronounce. It can be pretty scary seeing those novel-long labels for something that’s coming in direct contact with your skin. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that baking soda mixed with vinegar has grime-fighting, non-toxic powers. It’s also a fun throwback to 6th grade science class. Here are 5 ways you can harness the powers of baking soda to freshen up your home space!

1.  Bathroom Deep Clean!

Instead of squirting blue gels into your toilet bowl try using baking soda and vinegar for toilet bowls, slimy sinks, vinyl shower curtains, bathtubs, walls and drain clogs. The chemical reaction will make it fizz and then you can start scrubbing away – toxin free! Mother Nature will thank you when you flush.

2. Odor Absorber

For that fridge crammed with leftovers when you don’t have time to clean, leave an open box of baking soda in there to soak up all the bad smells of combined abandoned foods. You can also sprinkle some at the bottom of your garbage can to balance out the default odors that come from your trash. Mix the two, watch the reaction and then scrub away at your tiles! The two combined together will kill bacteria and wash away grime from your bathroom tiles. They’ll also smell pretty good too!

3. Stain Remover

Particularly crayon stains from the wall. Carpet Stains as well. Pour hot water down your drain and after a few minutes add some baking soda. Then pour down a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Cover it as it fizzes. After a few minutes, pour some more hot water down there and you’re good to go!

4. Laundry Brightener

Believe it or not, baking soda itself can also improve the way you look! Along with your laundry detergent, add a ¼ cup of baking soda. While your washer does it’s thing the baking soda will make your clothes brighter and whiter! All without the use of fabric softeners or bleach.

5. Wash Produce with it! 

Mix a pinch of baking soda with a few cups of water and leave your fruits and veggies to soak in there for 10-12 minutes. It’s been scientifically proven that baking soda soaking is most effective at removing pesticide residue on your fresh produce!

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