Tech Roundup


.We all know that the key to a successful career is only half reliable and consistent work skills, the other half is life skills including relationship building, social connections and most importantly, your food game. Isn’t there a saying, “A team that eats together works together.” No? Well there should be one. With these 4 dining apps, you can cement your foodie status in the team. Facilitate bonding and camaderie with your coworkers and propel your life skills to boss level!


Untappd is a free app that allows users to check in to their favourite beer locations, collect badges for new beers tried, and ratings for the best venues and breweries everywhere! If you’re a craft beer lover and want to share some of that brewed goodness with your coworkers, Untappd is your best wing-app. Additionally, if you’re personally interested in becoming a beer connoisseur, Untappd’s blog features all things brew-related! Now you know where to head for your commute read.



OpenTable is a US-based app that’s been slowly taking over the food scene, offering online booking access to thousands of restaurants across the world. Available as a website and an app, booking impromptu dinners has never been easier. Check all details including pricing, menus, dress code, and available time slots. If you’re deciding between restaurants, ratings and reviews are all easily accessible for your consideration. Be that wonderful person on the team who makes team gatherings a breeze.



If you work in an office where catering is the norm and not the exception, Foodee is your best friend. The app features an intuitive interface, online or phone order options, and a generous selection of restaurants and dessert services. In short, Foodee will ensure that you’ll never feel like Pizza Pizza is your only option ever again. Simply click in to look for your order, specify any dietary restrictions, and wait for the food to come to your doorstep! The only drawback for this app is that it’s currently only available in select cities across the States and Canada. Here’s to hoping they expand soon!



Finally, if you truly want to up your food game, ChefsFeed is the place to be. From personal dining recommendations by other chefs, to personal essays, food histories and chef interviews, Chef’s Feed offers you all the insider information through well-curated content. Of course, if you’re looking to eat, catch the restaurant and dish recommendations from chefs. Also watch out for ChefsFeed Indie Week, a traveling gastronomic dining experience featuring the best chefs in the industry.


With these four dining apps at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about that next team lunch or dinner. In fact, you’ll be setting the bar for food experiences. After all, happy stomachs make happy people and happy people together in the workplace make a better workday for everybody involved.

We’re in full summer season with this delightful or devilish heat wave (depending on your preference), which means it’s time to hit the road. Whether you’re planning on a vacation getaway or the next backpacking adventure, planning can be a hassle. We understand. We’ve rounded up 5 wonderful travel apps that will make your planning much easier this the travel season!


For Flight and Hotel Bookings

Hopper consolidates information from thousands of airlines to not only offer you the cheapest options for flights, but also tries to predict price patterns to suggest when you should check back in to purchase a ticket! You can even turn on the WATCH function to receive notifications if prices dip. In 2017, their database expanded to include hotels, which means both travel and accommodation can be settled in a single place, for the lowest possible price.


For A Custom Packing List

Packpoint is a sleek packing app that generates smart lists of suggested packing items based on the length of your trip, function and types of activities. Just select based on your itinerary, and edit the customized list to get packing! Share your packing list with others on your trip or people in general so they get an idea of what you’re taking with you.


For Currency and Unit Conversion

If you’re someone who is always doing mental gymnastics to calculate the best deals over different currencies, Calconvert is your app! Enjoy their power calculator (with more functions than you’ll ever need), support in 24 different languages and over 150 currencies. Don’t ever worry about getting tripped up over numbers again.


For Transportation Routes

If you’re travelling to a city, CityMapper is your one-stop transportation app! Featuring recommended routes for public transit, car-share services, and bicycle and pedestrian options, you can compare travel times across a multiplicity of options and figure out the best way to get around! More importantly, you can save pre-planned trips or download maps and use this app offline. This is a necessary feature if you find yourself wandering around without a stable connection!


For Itinerary

Yelp currently runs in 32 countries and covers not just restaurant reviews, but entertainment and local services too! Decide which places to hit up after browsing through recommended listings, customer reviews and scroll through the many photos to get a fully informed opinion. You’ll be way less likely to experience a bad meal with this app.  Besides the obvious educational value, some of those reviews might keep you quite entertained.

Additionally, if you’re hopping on a plane right after work, or don’t have time to put your place in order, make sure to hire one of our Taskers for cleaning services. Get your place all tidied up while you’re away so you can return to a neat and welcoming home. After all, with these great travel apps ready at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful vacation. Make it even more enjoyable by coming home to a perfectly made bed. Now get cracking, there’s only so many weekends left in the summer!

Weddings are a big deal! Not only are they personally important, full of traditions, expectations, and dreams, they’re also huge projects to manage. This can get tricky especially if you’re a dual career couple trying to juggle a work-life balance! If you’re newly engaged, on the cusp of a new season, and contemplating breaking ground on your own wedding, you’re in luck. This wedding season, we’ve put together a list of 5 wedding websites that can ease your project-planning pains!

The Knot

The Knot is a top wedding website choice for most couples, as it functionally breaks down every step of the wedding planning process for you. Download the Wedding Planner app or browse through their checklists, timelines, budgets, browse inspiration, potential locations and vendors! Scroll through blog posts with tips and tricks from couples who’ve done it before, or join the discussion board for ongoing conversations and resource shares. The Knot is a one-stop shop if you want to consolidate all your planning in one place!

Appy Couple

The punny Appy Couple is a powerful wedding website service that offers intuitive designs where you can aesthetically hype up your wedding story and details, manage RSVPs, messaging, and have access to spreadsheets email lists. It’s a fantastic one step up from other basic wedding websites. With all its complex functions, Appy Couple is easy to pick up and perfect for those who want a powerful, sleek and multi-functional website.


All Seated

Table planning is a real pain. All the family and social drama that usually flies under the radar emerges during this trying time and your responsibility as wedding host is to ensure that everyone at the wedding will have a great time. All Seated is a powerful piece of tech that allows virtual reality tours, 3D comprehensive floor plans, and personalized options, making it easy to envision every detail of your setup on the day of. Manage table piece size and placement, dish ware options, and have every guest accounted for and well-placed. It’s a micro-manager’s dream!


One of the first decisions you make when planning a wedding is to consider the guiding color palette. These innocuous swatches will eventually dictate the majority of your decision-making, from location type and dress code for the bridal party, to big decor pieces, the little finishing details on cake, and the napkins on your table settings. Colormind is a simple color palette generator that can pull palettes from digital images, or suggest customized options based on your selection of a main colour. 


Afraid of those rogue wedding gifts you can’t get rid of afterward? Having a carefully thought-out registry or designated cash funds so guests can gift you money for specific causes is a great way to avoid cluttering up your love nest. Zola offers all these options, featuring a huge selection of brands you can pull from to put your registry together. It also provides tracking tools to keep an eye out for the gifts coming in. With Zola you could also consolidate and just host your wedding website and RSVP together with everything else! 


You’re supposed to enjoy your big day! Don’t let the stress of managing the details and balancing your work responsibilities get you down. Enlist the help of these wedding websites, rally a supportive group of friends and family, and maintain a practical sensibility, and you’ll be well on your way to a wonderful wedding day!

Life can get hectic when you’re a young professional in the city. But no worries, we’ve rounded up 5 creative productivity apps that will make your life easier on a regular basis – especially for those of you from Toronto. From streamlining chores in your personal life to improving the quality of your working life, these apps are essential additions to your weekly urban routines!


Car2Go is a car-sharing service that allows you to rent a car immediately or book via the app 30 minutes in advance, and drop it off at any of their designated parking locations. Get yourself to where you need to be on your own terms. Car2Go operates in 25 different cities (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver included), and offers team accounts for businesses who have short-range travel needs. Make your consultation, meeting or appointment across the city in no time!

Why We Love It: Beat traffic with Car2Go’s 2-seater smart car, a compact electrical vehicle nimble enough to weave through the gridlock that plagues the city!


Breather is an office space rental with booking options by the hour, day or month. With workspaces for collaborations, meetings, or individual work, Breather offers comfortable, distraction-free spaces for every working professional. Breather rooms are outfitted with whiteboards, tech equipment such as TV screens, and Wi-Fi. Need extra tables, more chairs, or a projection system? Breather uses local support teams to meet customization needs, making them a perfect, productivity app to use for your professional needs! Whether you are you are in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, Breather has a great space for you.

Why We Love It: It’s love at first sight with Breather’s tastefully curated, well-lit spaces, and decluttered aesthetics. A beautiful space makes starting work that much easier.


Coming home to piles of dirty laundry after a long workday?  Wish things were a little cleaner? Alfred’s got your back. A laundry service app with the personality of a British butler, Alfred takes care of all your laundering needs in the simplest way possible. Deposit your clothing in an Alfred locker or with an Alfred-approved concierge, and pick them up fresh and clean in 48 hours. Besides regular laundering services, Alfred also offers dry cleaning, shoe polish and shoe repair.  Available across Toronto.

Why We Love It: Alfred is a witty, humorous app committed to dealing with your dirty laundry. What more could you ask for?


Saunter right by the lineup at your favourite joint to pick up your food, grab your coffee, and head right back into your workflow. Ritual allows you to place a food order, pay and pick up in store. Browse nearby restaurants, curate a selection of your personal favorites and gain access to Ritual-exclusive discounts! Bet you never imagined Ritual to be grouped under productivity apps.  Available across Toronto.

Why We Love It: Ritual released Piggyback last year, an option allowing individuals to attach pickup orders to another colleague’s account. The runner, who literally takes all for the team, is rewarded with extra points and a lot of workplace goodwill, a win-win for everybody!


AskforTask logoWe’ve all had days when we wish our home would just clean itself. With AskforTask, it’s possible. Simply request a service, fill in the details, and wait for a Tasker to claim the job. Besides house cleaning services and furniture assembly, we also provide plumbing, electrical and painting tasks. Spend your time off creating meaningful experiences with loved ones. Leave the deep cleaning to us.  Our customer service team will take care of you.  Available in Toronto, Calgary & Montreal, Vancouver.

Why We Love It: AskforTask carefully vets contracted Taskers, including cleaners, who are also covered by our insurance. In other words, you’ll get the highest quality services from the best working professional in your area.