Let’s face it, your kids don’t care how their playroom looks, as long as it is fun. You, on the other hand, want creative functionality meets a Novogratz-style level of decorum. It’s the eternal parent problem! Don’t fret though, some kind of order can be attained without compromising the play function of the room. Here are a few tips you, or a handyman, can follow to create the ultimate playroom for your little ones to enjoy.

Create a Drawing Space on the Wall

A cool chalk board for your kids to use in their playroom

There is no way to prevent your children from scribbling on the wall. It’s a perfect, always-available canvas. So why not make it an actual canvas? Mark out a designated wall in the room for drawing and paint it over with chalkboard paint or cover it with dry erase sticker. A frame can then be created out of crown molding to give the space a finished look, and demarcate the boundaries! Your kids can draw on the space again and again with chalk or markers, and cleaning it will be a simple matter of wiping the area with a wet rag.

Organize with Wall Shelves!

A shelving unit for all your declutter needs in the playroom

Instead of cluttering up the space with bulky storage furniture, take your shelving space upward and conveniently out of reach too! Kids are going to be messy, but wall shelves allow you to control what toys and things can be accessed, and also to keep clutter off the floor. Additionally, opting for wall shelving can prevent scary accidents from happening since the shelves are literally fastened securely into the wall. No mess, no stress!

Have a Designated Building Table

A table where the kids can play in their playroom

Every kids loves to build and make, whether it is painting, Play-Doh, Lego, blocks, sand art or paper sculptures! Not so coincidentally, all these activities involve a ton of mess. Building a special table for them gives the perfect environment for them to build what they want, when they want, but also teaches them that specific spaces in their playroom have designated functions.

Have A Custom Cardboard Box City


Image Courtesy of Brandon Tran

Children have limitless imagination and creativity. What better way to nurture that creativity than to leave a section of the playroom for them to build with you? Castle? Rocket? City? Rock garden? The sky’s the limit when it comes to DIY-ing possible structures with cardboard. You’ll not only be teaching your kid how to take an idea and make it happen, but you’ll get to go through that process with them. It’s the best kind of play!

Your playroom does not have to be very complicated, or full with the latest toys and gadgets. It also doesn’t always have to look like a toy box exploded in there. Sometimes, simple is better. With these four simple design ideas, you can take your kid’s playroom from drab to fab in no time.



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