Many people ask us how they know the Taskers they hire can really do the job. AskforTask’s answer goes right to the heart of what it means to be part of the global sharing economy.

A decade ago, you would see public service announcements everywhere that read:

  1. Beware of strangers.
  2. Don’t believe what you read online.

Today, the exact opposite of those two warnings form the basis of “The Sharing Economy”. The benefits of sharing resources with strangers—getting in their cars, letting them in your home and giving them money to fulfill their dreams—are driving the growing popularity of extremely popular services like Uber, Airbnb and Kickstarter.

These systems work so well because they are designed to reward the trustworthy, and are managed by customer experiences. A report by Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Policy Innovation (DMCPI) found that more than 10 million Canadians are on sharing platforms. More than 40 percent said they are willing to either rent what they own, or rent what they need from others online.

However, you don’t necessarily want to do business with everyone you meet online. We do everything we can to ensure that the people you meet on our platform can actually solve your problems.

AskforTask’s Virtue at Scale

We know that our business model depends on good faith bargaining between our Taskers and our Askers. Over the past six years, we’ve helped thousands of people clear out their ToDo lists. We connect reliable, dependable doers with those who simply need things done right the first time.

Every single Tasker we allow on our platform goes through a rigorous onboarding and vetting process. We require them to show that they have years of experience—the more the better—for each task category they choose.

We interview prospective Taskers to be sure we’ve found a good fit, then train them to use the platform in the best way. Finally, we test how well they understand our Code of Conduct.

We require all Taskers to provide government-issued ID and complete a background check before taking on their first taskFor an added layer of security. After they start, we conduct randomly selected spot checks to verify the quality of their work.

The Power of Public Opinion

After the task is done, we encourage Askers to improve our platform by rating the Tasker. Accumulated ratings are public and can be viewed by the Asker once a Tasker has picked up their job. We suspend a Tasker from our pool of first-class, reliable professionals if their rating falls below 3.7 out of five stars.

We also recognize that life is full of surprises, even for seasoned professionals, so we cover every single task with $1 million CAD in insurance. If something doesn’t go as expected, Askers can click the “submit request” button and our customer relations team will jump in to resolve the situation.

We want you to rest assured that when you’re on the AskforTask platform, you are going to wipe out your to-do list without the hassle of investigating the work history of your assigned Tasker. AskforTask is a community of good people – some who are short on time and some who are long on skills. We bring them together. Who could ask for anything more?

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