Today we’re sharing about one of Toronto’s amazing sharing spots: the Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot!

The Toronto Tool Library has two locations, located in St. Clair West and on Spadina in the new CSI space! The Spadina location is also home to the TTL’s makerspace that hosts different kinds of workshops involving the use of special tools such as woodworking or sewing equipment. If you’re a regular homebody who pulls out their tools once in a blue moon to drill a new hole in the wall for shelving or pictures, you might want to consider investing in a membership at this amazing place.

Tool libraries work almost exactly like a normal library, except for an annual membership fee which goes towards buying new tools and maintaining the space. This library loans specialized tools to people with any range of experience — from those looking to use a power drill for simple assembly to a professional who may want to hone their skills — while simultaneously building and reconnecting communities to each other.

The wonderful benefit of this collaborative community is that users do not have to go out and buy expensive tools that they may use only a handful of times. This library is also very useful for those studying in certain trades that require the use of items that are relatively pricey.

The Toronto Tool library is not just home to all kinds of tools for home improvement, but also to seasonal equipment such as camping gear, toys, games, and event supplies. With a membership, you can greatly reduce the amount of purchasing and replacing you do on an annual basis.

It’s a smart concept: tools are an integral part of society, much like books. A power drill is used for an average of just 12-13 minutes in its lifetime in a private household! It only makes sense to rent because access is really what matters as opposed to ownership.

You’ll reduce clutter in your apartment, contribute to a community space and reduce your carbon footprint. Joining the Toronto Tool Library is an eco-friendly, cost-efficient habit to build into your life!


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