Have a tiny little bedroom and trying to make storage work while pursuing the minimalist aesthetic saturating your social media feeds? Umbra has your back. Umbra’s functional and minimalist furniture and decor offer a variety of custom options for the aspiring tiny bedroom designer. We’ve cooked up 5 design tricks to organize your tiny bedroom space better with Umbra pieces! With these little upgrades, you’ll never suffer from Instagram envy ever again.

1. Minimize Bedside Clutter

We all need some bedside space to place essentials, like a charging phone, a book, glasses or hair ties, and other miscellaneous things we seem to need.

Introducing the Umbra Hammock, a multi-functional organizer that can go on the wall or on a bedside table. When wall mounted, you can hang keys, scarves or handkerchiefs along the bottom wire as well. A small clip-on lamp can be added to make this organizer all the beside space you need! 

2. Float Your Books

Bookshelves are a quintessential cozy factor in bedrooms. We all want to have a few of our favourite or inspirational reads on hand for when we need to unwind, or need to a kick in the pants.

With Umbra Conceal bookshelves, you can literally deconstruct your bookshelf and stack them on the wall. Achieve the floating book look, create a sleek or funky wall design, and potentially add trinkets on top of your books to integrate them into a larger design.

3. Consolidate Your To-Dos

The key to organizing a small space is using all of the space you have. That means you have to go high with your organization. Declutter the space at eye level by moving all your papers and to-do lists up to a designated spot.

The Umbra Trigon Bulletin board is a sleek addition to the wall, which you can pin or magnet your loose papers to. Get creative with organizing and intersperse your notes with memorabilia like photograph and postcards to create a contained collage as a colourful counterpoint in your space!

4. Maximize Storage Options

Tiny bedrooms come with tiny closets, and tiny closets often mean your clothing spills over in piles all over your room. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how big your closet is, storage is always going to be an issue.

We were torn up over the many options so we’re offering two Umbra remedies.

The Umbra Stash is a hanger slip-on that allows you to keep those pesky small pieces like scarves, gloves, hats and socks on a hanger, underneath larger pieces of clothing. It’s genius!

The Umbra Estique is a multi-functional series of hooks you can attach to the back of your door. Think space for your bags, oft-used jackets, belts, scarves, and hats. The possibilities are endless! The wooden balled hooks prevent any rogue hooks from destroying your more delicate pieces. 

5. Seek Out Multi-Functionality

In a small space you should be doubling up! Everything has to have a practical place and function, or maybe even two. This way you cut down on the number of furniture pieces you have, but maintain the same degree of utility with what you have!

A perfect example is the Umbra Magino Stoolwhich can be a stool seat, a side table, and a magazine organizer as well! The clear aesthetic is right on trend this year as well, so you’ll have a multi-functional piece that’s hot design!

Want to try one of these ideas but don’t have the time or tools? AskforTask has someone ready to do it for you! Use coupon code BLOG10 to get $10 off your first booking!


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